“ncrealities” means “New Creation Realities”. I was actually just going about my heavenly Father’s business when I was suddenly impelled by the Holy Spirit to start up this blog, which is now a world-wide desk top ministry. Initially, I had my personal reservations, considering the time I’d have to invest in it. However, as I pondered on the possibility of starting, it dawned on me that by human strength shall no man prevail. It’s only then that I finally made up my mind to start the blog.

Another challenge I had was related to the name I’d call it. While praying about it, the Holy Spirit told me exactly what He wanted me to be writing about – New creation realities. That’s how I got the name “ncrealities”.

This blog is more than just a blog; it’s divine. The reason why I say so is because since I started posting I noticed that I have been spending much time interceding for the audience, and my personal experience has been awesome.

The teachings on this blog are Spirit-inspired and filled; they’re not ordinary; they’re as a result of consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

There’s something the Holy Spirit told me on July 7th, 2014 when the thought of this blog hadn’t even crossed my mind. He said, “From now on those who continue to listen to you will be released from any form of satanic control, and whatever has gone wrong in their lives will be supernaturally corrected by my Word”. This is what I believe happens to those who read my posts. So don’t hesitate to share your testimonies by sending me a direct email to prosperanangblog@yahoo.com

Dear friend, anytime you choose to read a post, do it prayerfully. Feel free to print it out for in depth and group study. As a matter of fact the Holy Spirit assured me that during the reading, His tremendous power will be made available to change lives for God’s glory. I’d like to ask for something: once the Holy Spirit uses a post to minister His blessings in your life, please, endeavour to share it with another person.

“ncrealities” is a desk top ministry for your spiritual education in the light of the New Creation in Christ Jesus.

You can always reach me by sending me a direct mail to prosperanangblog@yahoo.com  in case you have anything you’d want to confide to me so that we can join our faith together and look up to God for a supernatural intervention.

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I’m a pastor by calling, and what I do on this blog is exactly why God created me.

Thank you for reading this far.

You’re deeply loved, highly favoured, and greatly blessed, because you’re God’s righteousness in Christ, and a life-giving spirit just like Jesus.

Jesus Is Alive!