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The lack of understanding of the ultimate biblical reason for prayer is one of the greatest factors responsible for the absence of effectiveness in the prayer lives of many Christians.

Even though the earth and its fullness belong to God, He can’t do anything about anything unless somebody down here asks Him. So our consistency and fervency in prayer is all what God needs in order to gain access in the affairs of men on earth, given that our prayer delimits His activities on earth.

Anytime we pray, our prayer creates room for God to be in charge in the situation in question, and when that happens, the devil’s power is broken off that situation

The posture of prayer isn’t as relevant as knowing the various kinds of prayer and the rules governing them. Stop emphasizing the posture, and start focusing on the kinds and their rules because that’s the stepping stone to effective prayer.

Under the New Covenant, our prayer doesn’t grant us access into God’s Presence, considering that by virtue of Christ’s finished work, we live in God’s Presence 24/7, whether we feel it or not. However, part of what our prayer does is that it helps to retain or keep us steadily in God’s Presence.

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The Only Impossibility In Your Prayer